Stanley Bergstrom Family

John, Penni, Cole, Amanda & Boone Bergstrom

                               Cole, Joyce, Boone, Penni, John, & Stan Bergstrom                                                         Our Kids: ------John, Penni, Boone,  Cole and wife Amanda (Fejes) Bergstrom


In Memory of My Brother, Truman Hubbard Copeland, Dec. 15, 1934 - Jan. 18, 2000

Truman Hubbard Copeland Dec. 15. 1934-Jan. 18, 2000 Truman is buried next to Mother and Dad. Truman Copeland on pony in Dallas, Texas Ada Joyce on Pony in Dallas, Texas

Truman Hubbard Copeland & Hubbard Dick & Mildred Janie Copeland are buried in the Meridian Cemetery Meridian, Texas                                       Truman on Pony in Dallas Texas                            Ada  Joyce on Pony in Dallas, Texas



In Memory of My Parents Hubbard "Hub" Dick Copeland and Mildred "Mit" Janie (Davis) Copeland and their Children Truman Hubbard Copeland and  Ada Joyce (Copeland) Bergstrom

Hubbard Dick & Mildred Janie Copeland 1956 Hubbard Dick & Mildred Janie Copeland Stone in Meridian, TX.

Truman Hubbard Copeland in Dallas,TX young boy                             Ada Joyce (Copeland) Bergstrom taken in Dallas, TX young girl

Truman Hubbard Copeland                                                          Ada Joyce Copeland


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Gus & Cecelia Bergstrom's Wedding June 24, 1905     Cecelia Johnson daughter of John Stark     

Gus & Cecelia Bergstrom's wedding June 24, 1905, Parents of Norris E. Bergstrom

Lars Gustaf Bergstrom born in Varmland Sweden, February 21, 1879 Came to U.S.A. October 1901 took Citizenship papers Number 236451, May 19, 1912

Cecelia Johnson Stark born in Molme, Sweden, December 13, 1880 came to U.S.A. March 1901. Married Lars Gustaf (Gus) Bergstrom 24, June 1905

Nine Children : Norris Emmanuel Bergstrom Oct. 9 1906, (twins)George Robert Apr. 15, 1909, Elsie Marie Louise Apr. 15, 1909, Gustaf Phillip Aug. 30, 1911, Antone Alvin Oct. 17, 1914, Carl Millard Jan. 13, 1917, Helen Luella July 22, 1919,Donald Edward May 29, 1922, Carol Jean Feb. 4, 1926

  John Hartz and Robert Bergstrom Family  John & Barbara (Bergstrom) Hartz Barbra (Bergstrom) Hartz, Robert Bergstrom & Betty (Bergstrom)  Don & Marion Bergstrom 1992 Don Bergstrom & sister Carol Jean (Bergstrom) Beyer

John & Barbara (Bergstrom) Harzt & Robert "Bob" Bergstrom Families                        John & Barbara (Bergstrom) Hartz   -     Barbara (Bergstrom) Hartz, Robert Bergstrom,Betty Eloise(Bergstrom)Ennis - Marion & Don Bergstrom & Don & Carol Jean(Bergstrom)Beyer

Need picture of Helen( Bergstrom) Peterson and Elsie Bergstrom  & Phillip Bergstrom to complete all the Bergstrom Children

Bergstrom Cousins:Stanley, Robert,Barbara & NorrisBergstrom Cousins: Stanley Bergstrom, Robert Bergstrom, Barbara (Bergstrom)Hartz, Norris Bergstrom Jr.

Robert , Ardie, Betty & Tom Ennis, Scott Hartz, John Hartz.jpgRobert , Ardie Bergstrom,, Betty & Tom Ennis, Scott Hartz, John Hartz. Ardith &  Robert Bergstrom's Son & Family Robert & Ardith Bergstrom's Son & Family

 Steve & Shannon (White) Bergstrom's Wedding.jpgSteve & Shannon (White) Bergstrom's Wedding

Kevin & Lorie Hartz,Becky Ennis, Carolyn Hartz, Laura Conran, Scott & Renee Hartz.jpgKevin & Lorie Hartz,Becky Ennis, Carolyn Hartz, Laura Conran, back row- Scott & Renee Hartz

Norris E. Bergstrom and wife Alice (Fisher) Bergstrom 50th. Wedding Anniversary Norris Emmanuel and Stanly L. Bergstrom son of Norris E. Bergstrom Stanley L. Bergstrom Family

 Norris Emmanuel &  Minne Alice (Fisher) Bergstrom -Sons-Norris Emmanuel & Stanley L. Bergstrom-  John Bergtstrom, Penni Bergstrom, Ada Joyce & Stanley L. Bergstrom, Amanda, Cole, & Boone Bergstrom- Norris Emmanuel Bergstrom Jr. & Family

Noris E. & Jean Bergstrom Family       Lynetta Kay (Bergstrom) & Bobby Childers  

 Norris Emmanuel Bergstrom Jr. & Family,        Lynetta Kay (Bergstrom) & husband Bobby Childers,       Betsy (Kerns) Bergstrom & husband Buddy Bergstrom


 Bergstrom Cousins Gus Bergstrom Retirement Norris Bergstrom & Alice Fisher 1928 at Gust Johnson's home Poinsetta Place 1121 Hollywood, California

Top Row: Robert Beyer, Carl Bergstrom, Donald Bergstrom, Philip Bergstrom,                                                        Gustaf Bergstrom Retired after 38 years                                                                Norris Bergstrom dating Minne Alice Fisher 1928, Hollywood, California

Middle Row: George Bergstrom, Gustaf  Bergstrom, Norris Bergstrom  Sr. 

Bottom Row: Alvin Bergstrom, Stanley L. Bergstrom, Norris Bergstrom Jr.

Gus Bergstrom's unknown FamilyGus Bergstrom's family or friends unknown - need names if you know them

 Bergstrom Swedish Church, Gust Bergstron bottom rightGust Bergstrom (bottom right) & friends at Swedish Mission Church, MI., third row right holding baby is Cecilla (Johnson) Bergstrom wife of Gust Bergstrom


Gustaf Bergstrom 1879-1962Cecelia Bergstrom 1881-1944

Gustaf & Cecila Bergstrom, buried in Riverside Cemetery to the West of Menominee, Mi., in the North and Western section, a couple of hundred feet from the river.

Cecelia Johnson (Stark) from Sweden Cecelia Johnson and her parents John Stark & (need wife's name)
in Sweden the girls take their fathers first name for her last name and
add "son"  to John to get Johnson
John Stark and Wife of SwedenJohn Stark & Wife buried in Sweden

Descendants of Lars Virik Jonsson (Swedish Descedants)

Lars Virik Jonsson-descendants -page 1

Lars Virik Jonsson-Descendants page 2 

Lars Virik Honsson - Descendants page 3 

Lars Virik Jonsson  - Descendants - page 4 

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