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Ada Joyce Bergstrom Web Master of this page

Texas Woman's University Class of 1959, Retired Teacher 33 years: Home Economics Education, Secondary Art, Secondary Health, Computer Literacy, Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America 33 years and web master of this web page.

Mission Statement: I believe in learning, teaching, sharing, caring and working with a Christian attitude in every way to improve myself and others.


Ada Joyce Bergstrom - Retired Teacher of 33 years

Graduate of Texas Woman's University and other colleges attended: Odessa College, University of Texas Permian Basin, Howard College, and Region 18 Service Center Technology Trainers of Trainers, and University of Texas Pickle Research Center -Tenet Master Trainer Academy

Schools I have taught at in Texas:

  1. Hurst ISD - Half Year Student Teaching
  2. WHITE DEER ISD - Three years
  3. FLOWER GROVE ISD (Klondike ) - One year
  4. GARDEN CITY - Eleven years
  5. Grady ISD Eighteen years



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West Texas Sand Storm June 13, 2002                                                                                               Midland Texas Sand Storm 11-2-2011

Solid Sand Duster in Stanton, TX total darkness for 4 hrs.                                                                             Sand Storm Midland, Texas 11-2-2011

Potograph was taken by Theadore Wells of Stanton, TX.                                                                                                     Sand Storm in Midland, Texas 11-2-2011

 Sandstorm North of Stanton, TX. June 13, 2002 at 4 PM. It was total darkness for about 2 hours. It blew trucks and cars off the road and caused the loss of 256 telephone poles in the area and loss of roofs.


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John,Penni,Cole,Boone in Creed Colorado  John made his gun cart for shooting events.
John, Penni and Boys in Creede, Co.                                                                                                                    Pumpkin Chunker Single Action Shooters Society" John Bergstrom










TWU FRIENDS from the Class of 1959

 Texas Womans University 40 yr. Reunion 

TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY Reunion Forty years of Friendship, Carol Ann Estes, Marlene Ernst, Alice Johns, Anne Ratcliff and Joyce Bergstrom at the home of John and Carol Ann Estes in Pflugerville, Texas.

TWU Reunion in Pflugerville, TX   24th Oct. 2009

TWU 50th Reunion: Anne Ratcliff, Carol Ann Estes, Marlene Ernst, Joyce Bergstrom


Stanley Bergstrom and Ellis Winkler 50th. Reunion in May of 1999 

  Stan Bergstrom and Ellis Winkler San Antonio Burbank 50th Class Reunion in May of 1999.

60th Burbank HS Reunion in San Antonio, TX

Burbank High School Class of 49 - 60th Reunion  in San Antonio, Texas, May 2009

Burbank picture names: Bottom row: John Newman, Janie (Chiodo) Dawes, Jackie (Speed) Isenhour, Mary L.(Barragan) Sanchez, Mary Jo Meyer.
Second row; Don Edmondson, Grace A. (Batla) Flanagan, Mary Lou (Fielder) Bloxham, Billy Gray Jones, Kenneth Wagner.
Third row; Catherine (Pawlowski) Rubin, Lillie Mae (McLean) Eaton, Doris J.(Montage) Wilson, Martin Nanney, Joe Henry Martinez, Marvin McBee.
Fourth row; Collis Markt, Stanley Bergstrom, Billy Howard.

Doris has a "guest" badge; told me she actually graduated in 1948, was in our class but  had enough credits to graduate early. I checked the old yearbook and memory book several times shortly after you sent the pictures and believe names are correct. Had this much written, tried to send -- just now found in Draft; hope it goes.   Thanks to Grace (Batla) Flanagan for identifying these class mates that attended the 60th Class Reunion.

   Joyce and Stan Bergstrom In San Antonio, Texas  at Burbanks 50th Class Reunion


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